Need a new cassette for my bike

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Published on: July 1, 2005

I biked up to Squirrel Hill to see how much a new rear wheel gear cassette for my bike would be, I got up there just a few minutes before the store closed, I was told that the cassette would be about $35 for a new cassette, I have been told by some people over at free ride that when you replace a bike cassette you also need to replace the chain of the bike, and also my chain is warn a bit and does need to be replaced soon anyways. I need the new cassette because the 4th and 6th gears are jumping. The person at the shop said that they can work on adjusting the deraler. I am still thinking I want to get a new cassette because I want to keep the same gears for 3 to 6, but for gear 1 and 2 I would like them to be smaller and for gear 7 and 8 I would like them to be bigger. When I asked if that was possible the guy did say anything is possible, I will be going back on Saturday to see what they have. I will probably just buy the stuff and go down to free ride and learn how to put it on myself to save a few dollars on the labor. Maybe I will work on some of their bent wheels too.

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