Moved the Betta

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Published on: May 17, 2005

Well I got home from work and worked on moving my Betta from the 2.5 gallon tank to the 10 Gallon tank, he is not really happy with me right now. While I was at it, I did a lot of aquatic gardening, I took a lot of plants out of the 20 gallon tank for the 10 gallon tank, the kind that do not need to be trimmed and replanted, the kind that when you trim them you have to trash the trimmings, and I moved all the ones that when you trim them you replant them to the 20 gallon tank. Then I went thought the 20 gallon tank trimming down all the longer ones. I replanted the trimmings where the old plants that I took out were. I also put some of the old deco that I used in the tanks away. It will take a bit of time for the 20 gallon tank to “recover” from all the trimming but when it does, it will be totally over grown with plant life, and the 10 gallon tank will not have the over grown problem that the 20 gallon tank will have, and I want it that way for both. This should also shake up the social order in the 20gallon tank.

  1. Rob says:

    Mike, If you want some help with that betta, we used to be members of the International Betta Congress. We can give you some suggestions and know some people who can get you betta supplies if you want.

  2. First what is the “Betta Congress”? And I would like to find out more about other supplies you can connect me with.

    Also my betta is doing fine for now, but he does not seem to like the larger space right now, he is still stays is a small corner of the tank. I am wondering how long until he starts to take the tank over?

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