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Published on: May 17, 2005

I found a list of blogs by Lutherans It would be nice if it was LCMS centered but oh well. I submitted my site, I hope that it gets listed. I wonder if they plan to do some syndication like the Pittsburgh Bloggers site does.

  1. Tom Chryst says:

    Syndicate? huh? Tell me more about that…

  2. What it is, the Syndication software will read diffent blog’s rss feeds, sort all the entries by time and date, then display them all on the same page check out the following link for an example from the Linux user group I am a member off http://wm-eddie.info/planet/ That is fror a group wplug: Western PA Linux user group

    Another example is PghBloggers: this one does blogs from any one who is a City of Pittsburgh person

  3. It seems that the LCMS is well represented on the list, as are various conservative Lutheran perspectives. The ELCA and the Lutheran Left is poorly represented. Perhaps liberal Lutherans arn’t online?

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