Biking today (new personal best speeds)

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Published on: May 8, 2005

I went on a nice short 1 and a half hour bike ride today. I am very happy with the speeds I made today, coming back from the city on the jail trail I was going between 18 to 21 mph the whole way, this is about 8 to 11 mph faster then my old cruising speed, and I am very happy that I kept the speed up for the whole length of the trail. Those toe clips I got for this year are really worth the money, and if any one is considering them, I would say they are worth it, I got the $20 ones, the ones you don’t need the shoes for, I have a friend that said that the ones that take the special shoes allow you to be more efficient at the pedal, but since I am not really racing I can play around with these toe clips that just are a small plastic cage you slip your feet into.

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