Printing a poster from Visio

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Published on: April 19, 2005

Well today was fun, I needed to print a poster from Visio. A 36″ by 56″ one. The plotter I would normally use was down, has been down for some time now. So I call up Kinko’s and ask if they can do it, they said yes, I asked if they could print from a Visio file, they said yes, I asked how much, they say $5. So I hope a bus down to Kinko’s to get it printed out. I hand them my Jump Drive with the file, and tell the guy at the desk the name of the file. I get told it would be done at 3:45. Ok cool, I got 45 minutes to kill, and I have not had my lunch for the day. I drop by the McDonalds next door for some food. Come back 45 minutes later and get told that they could not open the file. Ok so I ask do they have Visio (again) and they said no this time, this is the same store I called earlier. Next they suggest that they can send the file to a central place for it to be converted for an extra $10!! Ok, I will not spend 2x the price it would be to print it up just to convert it so I leave. So I go back to the office, and get the rest of the stuff done that I needed to do for the day. Get home get a few more things done that I needed to get done, had some friends over for dinner, then get back out the door and to Kinko’s by 10pm. This time I have the jump drive and my laptop, with Visio on it. So while there I find a format that they can print to that I can export to. We finally hit on one. I finally get it printed (at a cost of $6.50, but it was larger then I thought it would be, so I can not blame them there) and get the print out back to my office around midnight. What a day.

1 Comment
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