Peta against eating fish??

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Published on: April 14, 2005

I think that peta has lost it, they claim fish are smarter the dogs. Well I might give them that when I look into the eyes of my Bettas they do seam to have some intelligence to them. But that is just antidotal evidence and no way to form a campaign. Even if fish are smarter then dogs, there that does not change anything, if fish is caught as food it is food. Well I bet Peta would hate me since I keep about 20 of them as pets, in glass tanks never the less 😀. I bet the animal right activates would be fuming over this one.

A few more things they misquote Dr. Sylvia Earle she was asked on CBS news about the statment, and she was talking about the disappearing of the fish in the wild by being over fished. When the reporter, for CBS news, asked if he should cancel his salmon dinner she said go catch it yourself, that does not sound like some one that is against eating fish, just against over fishing.

1 Comment
  1. Max Rossin says:

    While I agree with PETA’s basic arguments to not harm animals, they and other similar groups do not put people first. Sure, corporations exploit animals for profit. Is it their fault or the consumers? Who buys an Edsel now a days? There is no market for it, so it’s not being made. Remove or shrink the market and corporations will adjust their strategy to make profits in other ways. However, I refuse to be shamed into eating meat or fish, or anything else that is alive. My body needs nutrients and any of the artificial pills they’re spewing along with fruits and veggies have all you need, are all pure bull. There are very few vegans or even vegetarians that have spent their entire life living this way, so who knows if their way is healthier (one of their claims). I’ll chose to go the route my ancestors did and eat meat. They don’t seem to mention how many animals are killed and not used (versus killed and used) by growing fruits and vegetables, along with mutations and deformities they’re causing to the local wildlife through pesticides that are needed to grow those crops. How many animals and fish have died through these poisonous chemicals? They don’t seem to mention that. Also bugs are destroyed, is that the next war? Oh no, not the mosquitoes! Think of the children!

    Also, side note about a few of our posts… the whole thing about calling “them” liberals or conservatives (both sides do it equally). Not only is it creating a division in this country, but it’s also getting into prejudice, stereotyping, etc. Everyone is guilty of spreading this filth and if left unchecked, will lead into a civil war or, worse yet, a holy war. We all need to stop polarizing this world, no more “you’re either wish us, or against us” chest thumping.

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