Stupid kiddy scripters

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Published on: March 4, 2005

Well today was “fun” my computer (laptop) was hacked into by some one, I assume it was just some stupid kiddy scripter. Why do I say it was probably just a stupid kiddy scripter, was because the stuff that was put on. A ftp server was put on, so it makes me think it was some stupid kiddy scripter who wanted to have some place to drop his/her stolen software. Well within about 15 minutes of the hacking the computer was taken off the network, and the hard drive will be blasted so that little child will not get the “warez” site he/she wanted. Unfortunately for me I will lose the use of the laptop over a weekend I really needed it. I think that the law should have stiffer laws about computer crimes, some one who is convicted of a computer crime should be bard from using a computer for 20 years, that way their limited knowledge will be totally useless by the time they are allowed to use a computer again.
The kicker is last night I installed the latest XP security updates from MS last night, more proof that XP is not secure period.

1 Comment
  1. prying1 says:

    What we need is software that recognises when a hacking attack is happening and blasts the hard drive of the attacker. Wonder if they could make it fry the processor while it is at it.

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