CPLUG’s Security conference

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Published on: March 6, 2005

On Saturday I went out with some friends of mine from WPLUG (Western PA Linux User Group) to CPLUG’s (Central PA Linux User Group) Security Conference. It was pretty good; I found one of the more interesting talks was from a PA trooper on the PA cyber crime laws. They seemed to be well written, I have read about other states that have very poorly written laws, but from what I saw of the PA laws from his presentation the PA laws are well written, and pretty technology friendly, while still outlawing the stuff that would hurt people.

Also they were giving out door prizes, I won one of them, I did not even expect to win, since I don’t win things like that. I got a book on Building Linux VPN’s the cool thing is I been looking into how to do this for a few months, so this book is a God sent. I look forward to the day when I can open up a VPN on my network for my use and have access to all the resources I have on my home network when I am at work.

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