Biking season 2005

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Published on: March 31, 2005

Well it seams that the new season of biking is on us again. I went on a nice short trip today, about an hour long. I did a run down the jail trail. The only problem was that the city found it necessary to turn off the drinking founts on both side the trail.
I have added the new pictures from today. Also I made a new album for this year pictures, and renamed the album of last year’s pictures. I only got 5 pictures today, since I was on a bit of a tight schedule for the bike ride (I only had an hour for it) so I could not spend to much time taking pictures. It is going to rain for rest of the week (well according to the weather forecasts) so I will not get another chance for a bit, but once I get a chance I will try to get more pictures for the site.

1 Comment
  1. I’ve been on that trail a couple of times. What other trails do you know about? Maybe we could get together sometime. Though I also use my bike for my daily travel needs, so it’s a little messed-up. (Espeically the back wheel.)

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