Backup DNA

I found this post on Backup DNA on another blog. Would it not be cool if humans did have this same backup DNA built in. If humans did, maybe we could find a way to cause the backup to be brought forth. This probably would have to be done very early in a womans pregnancy.
This probably would kill on of the arguments that abortions use, “what if the child has a genetic defect”, this would kill the argument by making it a moot argument.

  1. Max says:

    I don’t think having a baby with a genetic defect is one of the major reasons pro-abortion groups use. Still, assuming this can be done, look at evolution. Evolution itself is a mutation. If we kept on backing up to the ‘norm’, we would never evolve and eventually die out or be killed off by the new species. It’s the mutations that keep us able to adapt to our changing environment, by keeping it the same, we’re doomed to become extinct.

  2. Hi, max long time no type, glad to see you found my site. One point, not all believe in evolution, so to those (including me) that don’t accept evolution, the backup DNA is a great thing it could cure all kinds of problems. Also I have had a few pro-abortions use genetic defect as an argument, the line goes like this “If they have a genetic defect it would be better for them not to have to go though life with the disability.”

  3. Max Rossin says:

    quick comment about the pro-abortion argument – yes, VERY stupid. you are eliminating peoples potential and nobody can predict what you can do – look at most of the great people: Mozart and Dr. Hawkings… did they deserve to die? no. I can write a lot more about why i’m pro-abortion, but I’d like to talk to you about evolution vs adam/eve more. I can’t say that I’ve looked extensively, but how does the bible explain dinosaurs? What about the progression of species from one to another, with clear indicators of similarity. Sure, I don’t think that evolution is an exact science, it’s founding is on millions of years of very slow change – so who is to say when the change happens… but just curious why you don’t consider evolution. Only bad excuse I heard, which probably doesn’t apply to you, is that people don’t want to give up something they believe in, otherwise they will feel like they wasted their life with the wrong ideas. I doubt that’s you or anyone you know, but just curious how you explain and refute all the physical evidence versus writing in one book. a giant global conspiracy that’s been coordinated from just about every country for hundreds of years?

  4. Ok you want to know why I don’t believe in evolution, well I can try to talk about how there is no hard proof, as in no missing link found, or all that, there are many other arguments, but I am not that good at those arguments. For me what does it come down to? It is an article of faith for me. I know most geeks are not suppose to take things only on faith, and I am not being a geek in this fashion, but I do believe in Creationism by faith alone.

  5. Max Rossin says:

    I think we found out why there is such a big divide. It comes down to faith. When there’s evidence to contrary and people may think you’re a fool… you still have your faith. I respect that, more than you may think. However, I do disagree that, while you can have your faith, that faith should not influence others that don’t have your faith. Unfortunately, laws get created, people get killed, and society gets enslaved when powerful men use faith as their weapon… and in the nuclear age, we just can’t afford it any more.

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