The Oakland Neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

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Published on: February 5, 2005

It is a nice place to live, don’t really need a car to live here, but it does lack in one thing inside the area, it needs a good pet store. You do need a car if you want to go to a pet store, the closes pet store Oakland (that I know of) is in Squirrelhill. If I was going to get just some fish food or maybe (just maybe) some live plants, I could bike there with no problem, but for anything that would be sizeable or maybe a fish biking there would not be a option. I do wish they would open up a pet shop in Oakland, I am sure there would be a good market, for pets with all the collage students, there most defiantly would be a market for fish around the Pitt and the CMU campus.

That or I might need to really consider either getting my car fixed or a new one, but I just can not justify the expense for something that would be used so rally, insurance allow would be about $100 a month so I could drive it rarely, I think that is to much but I understand why it is so high, it is all those stupid lawsuits that are filed for almost no reason. We do need to have a cap on the amount of moneys that are given away in a lawsuit. Then there would be the car payment what ever that might be ($200+?)

If I had the time and the money (2 things I don’t have) I would try to see if a pet store could work in Oakland. Maybe some one with time and money might see this post (ya right like that will happen) and do me a favor and steal my idea and open a store here in Oakland.

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