Supper Bowl party

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Published on: February 6, 2005

I just got back from a supper bowl party. It was fun, I did not watch much of the game about only 20 minutes of play, I spent more time playing cards with my friends that were there. We played 2 different games Fluxx and Pounce. See the link for info on how to play the game. The version I was taught my friend Kaethe we played with 11 cards on the pounce pile, and they are all face up, but on top of each other, so you can not see the one underneath the top one. And score as the cards left in the pounce pile are -2 and the cards in the middle of the table worth +1 with no pounce bonus. The game can get crazy with hands and cards flying everywhere on the table, and then there is the race to beat your opponent to a pile if you 2 have the same card, now that is when a card will really go flying!!! And we play instead of turning 3 cards from the stock to the waste pile we turn only 1 card.

  1. david says:

    Worst supperbowl officiating I’ve ever seen.

  2. Which one are you talk last years (this post is for the 2005 one not this years) and can you give an example?

  3. davidg says:

    Seattle was robbed.

    Zebras threw the game for Pits.

    I was totally surprised they overturned the Hasslbeck “fumble” Thought for sure, this would be another offical “mistake.”

    There was no holding on the play called back after the pass to the Steeler 1.

    Alexander did not falsestart!

    Too wierd!!!

  4. You are just bitter that Seattle did not play the game the way it needed to be played to win, it was not a bad called game.

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