Experimenting with a “fish cam web cam”

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Published on: January 28, 2005

Right now I am toying with the idea of putting on my site a fish cam (web cam pointed into my fish tank). I am testing it right now, I want to see if it is posable, and how much bandwidth it will need to do this. Click the read more link to see the test as long as it is up, and maybe leave some feed back on it. It should be up and running for most of the day of Jan 28 2005. If it works I might make it a permanent part of my web site.

Right now I have it set to refresh the image every 5 minutes, if I feel I need to increase or deacrease it, I will will, but right now this is just a beta test of the idea, and the setup. Right now the software I am using is unregistered shareware, so you might see a red bar that says unregistered, if I decided to go with this software I will register the software I am testing with this, so if it becomes periment that unregistered notice will not be there.

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