I am going to try to quit slashdot again.

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Published on: November 17, 2004

I am going to try to quit slashdot again, this time I gave a friend of mine my ID and password and asked him the change my login info so I can not log in. I hope that I can get off of slashdot this time. Things there have just gotten so childish that it is not funny anymore.

  1. Pastor Moriarity says:

    Michael, give me your email address. I’m having difficulties reading some of your material. The center column (where “stuff” is written) is not wide enough on my screen even full view

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just a note. Trolls only attack you because of the way you react and respond to them. That is what these people get off on. I feel that if you did not react in the way that you did to them that they would not have continued.

    –Slashdot reader

  3. Maybe so. Also it is about time I move on to other boards I been on slashdot since 99.

  4. Sorry about that, I should have an option for displaying it with out the graphics. The site does look better with out the graphics on some browsers. I should have that option happen on screens that have two low of a resolution.

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