I got blog spamed bombed

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Published on: October 11, 2004

Oh man, I hate, let me repeat that *HATE* spamers, this morning I found at 9:25am I got 6 spam posts to my blog. Well I deleted said posts. Besides this blog has such low reader ship even if I did not delete them it was wasted effort, maybe I am wrong I would love to find out my blog has high reader ship, but this is just a personal blog so probably not.

How did I know they were spam? Well one they all were hyper generic posts along the lines: “I love you blog” or “great post” and all ended in a link to some web site. Ok, that has spam writen all over it.

For spamers this is a notice, all spam posted as “comments” here will be deleted!!!

  1. MacZilla says:

    well said.

  2. Derek says:

    Mike, want to come to my online casino and leg-waxing mortgage company? We’ll make your investments grow by at least 3 inches! 🙂

  3. Derek if I am ever am down your way you are so dead, so dange died.

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