Die spammers

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Published on: October 12, 2004

Come on I wake up this morrning to find I got 39 spam posts to my blog. Ok, spammers you have done it, now all posts with links will be moderated, if I have to I will go to a full moderation system. Spam is hated and unwellcome here, and will not be allowed. So go and die! And besides no one wants to go to your “online conseno”.

  1. MacZilla says:

    Was to be expected: I’ve got them now as well. Grrrrr


  2. I know what you mean but now any posts that have a url in it needs to be approved by me, and as I get the spam (and it never shows up so it is wasted effort on their part) I am now getting their IP address here is a list of all the IP’s I am blocking from accessing my site since they are known spammers

    if you wish to use them yourself to keep spammers at bay.

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