The new mac should come today (I hope)

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Published on: August 12, 2004

Well I pulled an all nighter to get some work done that needed to get done. John is designing a database for use with a program I am working on, I was there to answer any (the few he had) about the variables in the program, and I looked for some ODBC drivers for C++. So during the night I kept an eye on the shipment last update was 6:17am Arrived at FedEx Ramp in Pittsburgh PA. I just hope it gets delivered today. I want to get started to migrate all important Mac data to it. I probably use the iBook for note taking during meetings and during class. Also I just want to test out the power on that baby. 1.25 G4, with a gig of ram, this computer is going to be sweet. More the database, most everything else for this program is a bit stalled while this database gets done. I will probably spend the day extracting the data for one city to excel so it is all ready for the database when it gets done.

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