The Jerks over at wplug

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Published on: August 6, 2004

Ok I have a few friends in wplug, not all of them are jerks. My friends have said over the last few years that things have gotten better at wplug. So ok I trusted my friends on that one. So tonight I go into the chat room for wplug. Well we were talking about money stuff, and well we did not agree, ok cool who cares, but I though I had something I could think about. But they then go on to insult my patents, who they have never meet. So when they did that I basically tell them to go **** themselves and promptly left. And decided that since they could not have respect for some one they have not meet their thoughts are automatically trashed and purged from my mind. Well it looks like they have not improved over at wplug, it is just as bad as it was before, if not worse, since if you disagree with them on something your parents are automatically in their statements bad parents!! well they can have their little wplug, I will not be going again!! Maybe I should have handled it a bit differently and I should not have sworn at them, but I was just so infuriated. I love my mom, and I do not like it when people insult her, you can insult me all you want, but just donít insult my mother.

  1. WPLUGGER says:

    Your writing is great. And you must be talking about a different WPLUG than I know.

  2. At the time there were some jerks, but they have left well one is still on the chat room so I don’t go there, and the other does not show up anymore, so wplug has improved a A LOT. There have always been some good people but some times the bad apples can make it unpleasant, and that is what happened 2 individuals (the jerks I was talking about) made it so I did not want to and did not go, but now that they are not there I am going again, also am serving on the bylaws committee. Boy do things change fast in this world that was back in August and now here we are in Feb and the group is a not what it was then.

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