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Published on: August 4, 2004

It been a long time since I took a collage class. Last time I was in a collage class was just before I graduated in April of 2001 from Pitt. Well I am going to be able to take a class this commingle semester at CMU. You see I work at CMU and one of the benefits is that I can take classes, so I am signing up for a class. I am looking forward to it. The only difference this time with the class, is that it is a career oriented class, instead of 1) oh that looks fun or 2) I have to get this done for a requirement. Also this class really does not get me to a goal in life. I am taking it so I can better understand social network theory. One thing I would love to do in the furture semester is take some CS grad level classes, then at a later date (probably 2 years done the line) use those to get into some CS grad school.

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