Songs, ham radio, and other stuff

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Published on: July 20, 2004

So I will be going for a 4 to 5 hour drive this Friday (and again the return trip on Sunday) and now I just have to build a good music list from my iTunes collection. I should be able to make some list that is long enough to get thought the whole trip, (the question is can the iPod, I just might take the car power adapter that I have). I have over 2000 songs in my library. I don’t know why I need a 40Gb iPod, it makes a great secondary hard drive on the mac but I will never fill it up with mp3’s and aac, I don’t have that much money.
I am also going to take my bike out with me, for 2 reasons, from what Trish says it is a small town, so when I am not hanging with her, and I need to go out somewhere I can just bike to where ever I need to get to. And I second I am going to see if Trish would like to go for a bike ride, I probably will not do one of my normal bike rides, those usually last 3 to 4 hours, I think it might be best to do maybe only and hour, and see if there is anything else she would rather do. I am sure she would want to go to the festival she told me that is going on this weekend (heritage day)
Also I need to find the freq’s of the ham repeaters in Ohio, I am sure that once I get out there, I should be able to hit any repeater I want in Ohio, I have a rig that can put out 55 watts of power, going into a 5/8 wave antenna, that I can get so close to a 1 to 1 swr rating, so close that all swr meters I have used report it as 1:1. I probably will also take my HT and the hand mic, always good in the case of an emergency situation. I have a nice cloth mount on my bike handlebar for it.
For the trip I think when I leave work, I will just grab some food for the road, or I might just pack a lunch to eat on the road, this way I can save a few minutes.
In the area of computers, I feel bad that I am so dependent on my computers, I probably be taking all 3 of my computers. Why all 3, well the Mac is my main computer, and I will be taking my digital camera and I load all my pictures on to the mac and store them in iPhotos. My gateway which has become my email box, and finally system. I know I could 1) move all that stuff to the mac, but I am just being to lazy 2) I don’t feel like being disconnected from my email, I probably check it once a day at night after I get back to the hotel. I also feel bad that I am so addict to email that I can not even disconnect myself from email for 3 days!!! man it is only 3 days, and I can not leave the email behind. I will also be taking my work laptop, just incase there is anything I need to do for work. I just found out that there is another demo on August 5th, Aptima wants a new copy of the binary by Friday. And I know just know that there will be one or two more bugs, so this way I will have the work box with me so if I need to I can stay up a bit late and fix any possible bugs that come up, and send them off. I am just glad that most hotels have a “data port” in the rooms, aka: a open phone jack, I just have to remember to take a RJ11 booted cable with me.

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