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Published on: July 20, 2004

Ok so apparently discover card does not think one should be able to use their card after 10 at night. Last night I made some purchases on my discover card after 10. I am gearing up for my trip; I had to get some stuff, the basic for a road trip like an atlas. So I went to pay my cell phone bill today, well it was not accepted do to unknown error, ok so I used my other card. Well tonight I went to CVS to get some toothpaste, well again it was not accepted for unknown error. So I called discover card to see what was wrong, well they asked me about the charges last night, I confirmed all of them, so they said they would unlock the card. Well a few minutes later I got nervous, what about my trip to Ohio, would it get locked because my card has never been used out side of PA. So I called back to make sure that it would not get lock, the operator said she can not guarantee that it would not get locked but by calling in and letting them know about my travel plans it lowers the chance that it would get locked. So now I called Red Roof in to make reservation, they would not take them on the phone now, but said they would call me back to make them, I am guessing that the people that can take them are not there, and I have to want till tomorrow to make them.

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