Java How I hate it

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Published on: July 14, 2004

Well the demo for vista is tomorrow, and there was a feature my boss asked to be put in, so I spend a few hours working in java to get it done. It now works. But since it was java, it took me longer then if it was C++ or C for me to work in. But java is very very picky one how you set data, I tried to set the value of a matrix element, but then I started to get exceptions because it was changed in an unknown source. So I had to search around for the approved java way of setting an element in a matrix. But if it not allowed to be set by refereeing it and using the = operator, they why does not the language complain when you try to compile it? Also why can I not play with pointers in java. But now that I finished that portion of the code I can go back to the core of the program which is done in my favorite language C++.

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