Palm 3e

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Published on: April 7, 2021

With the shutdown of the Sony PSP, Vita, and PS3 store. Also with places like facebag and twatter banning conservatives a lot. And finding that google does over tracking (see my post where I found that to use google drive it goes though one of their analytic sites instead) I have been thinking of what data I let others have control over and what data I have full control over now. While I can not pull that data back from google, or others I can control some of the data in the future. So instead of putting my data for contacts and calendar data on google anymore (the google apps via android) I decided I would look back at some older tech to keep this data and keep more personal control over this data. So I found on eBay an old palm 3e. I use to have one back in the 90’s (it was my first PDA ever) So I picked it up. looking at moving my data into the palm. I am still waiting on a USB to serial adapter so I can use it on my Linux box with JPilot. I have imported my contacts from my phone to JPilot already. There is not much in the calendar so I don’t need to import that data.

I was surprised how fast I remembered the old “graffiti” input style, but it was easy to remember and still almost second nature. I am starting to take more control over my data, instead of surrendering it to google and others. Also with using Pi-Hold to block all facebook URLs and twitter URLs, and many google tracking URLs, I can help keep the tracking down too. Until I can find a good search engine that is not google I can not block all of google’s URLs yet. Sadly DuckDuckGo does not seem to fit that need, and Bing don’t make me laugh.

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