What internet speed do you really need

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Published on: March 3, 2021

Well it been a week and a half since I put the USG in as a firewall/router for my home network. On data point that I find interesting, is I look at my average transfer rate on my home network. I have a 1Gbit connection from Verizon, but do I really need that speed? The answer apparently no. looking over the 1, hour, 1 day, 1 week average, I never really go over 200Mbits and that is rarely and not for very long, only see it on the 1 day averages. But most times looking at the 1 week averages and the month one (not fully filled out) I vary rarely get an average over 50Mbits. So while I am going to keep the 1Gbit, as I started at a 75Mbit, and they offered me for $10 more a month when my 2 month contract was up 1Gbit, so for the few times I would like the higher speed, it will be nice to have, and as I said it is only $10 more then I was paying for 75Mbits. But if you are looking to get new services, think about how much you really need, do you really need 1Gbit? I am a single person, and even when I am streaming 1 HD videos I use about 50Mbits of data speed. Also remember for gaming you don’t need high bandwidth you just need low lag, and this not a measure of speed of data being downloaded but how long it takes for a message to be sent to the server and back, the data is not that much data, probably could be done in a few Kbits, it just how long it takes to get there and back. Yes it is still nice to say I have 1Gbit, but truth is I don’t need more then 100Mbits. See stats below for my last week of usage.

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