Time to make a real network eng cry (that such a mess, what the heck are you doing there?)

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Published on: March 13, 2021

This is the core of my network, Here you will see at the top my Unifi USG router, with the main WAN going out to my Verizon FioS modem, and the second WAN going out to a WiFi access point, that connects to my T-Mobile Hotspot as a fail over in case my Verizon connection goes down.

Next to the WiFi access point is a hard drive that is connected to a Pi that serves not only as a SMB server (for my local NAS) but that same Pi also serves as my DHCP server and the VPN endpoint into my home network when I am out and about (if we ever can leave our homes again) Above that Pi is another Pi that serves as a DNS server (Pi-Hole) and the Unifi Controller server.

Also you see on the wall there my main switch that has 3 lines going out, on to “Desk 2” to distribute the network into my computer room, one goes to the bed room to send out the network to the bedroom, and the third one goes out to the living room to distribute the network out there.

Also you will see the USB drive is not plugged directly into the Pi, as it could not put enough power to the USB drive so it goes into a powered USB hub, then to the Pi.

And there is the core of my home network, and yes it a mess and no cable managment.

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