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Published on: March 5, 2021

I been using Pi-Hole to block ad sites, and analytic sites that are used for tracking. Well since I added a custom list to block all google’s analytic sites I noticed that my google drive started to fail. So when I started to look into it, I found it uses the URL and that the only way to upload to them, even 3rd party applications have to use that URL. So what am I to do, let google track me. Or, I do have a subscription to Office 365 from MS, along with said subscription they give you a 1TB of one drive storage. The program I used in the past to sync my google drive with my local storage also can sync with OneDrive (program is called inSync) And as I am not nearly as anti-MS as I was in the 90’s or early 00’s I am not opposed to using MS products now. I tested it, and I don’t have to let some tracking site be accessible from my home network to use it. So I went and deleted the files out of my google drive, then went and canceled my google extra storage space, and setup inSync to sync my main document directory to OneDrive (from under Linux) So now that $3 I don’t have to spend for 200GB of storage, as I have the 1TB from MS. Best part as MS is not a advertising company I can be a bit more secure in knowing they are not going scanning my documents to get advertisement data. So now as I type this, I am uploading the 111Gb of data I have in my main Data Directory. So in googles “need” to track everything they lost $3 a month from me. Why they would make the google drive go thought the main analytics URL is beyond me, but hay, I am now off of google there. I don’t even us Gmail, for email I have a rack space account for my email.

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