Next steps on my network

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Published on: March 10, 2021

I have 2 Raspberry Pis (as I have talked about a lot and they are doing network services for me) I am not using m the external hard drive I had attached to my PS4 Pro a while back so I cleaned up games from it, and also from the external drive that I will not be playing anymore on the PS4, especially since I have the PS5, and the PSVR is attached to the PS5. I was able to free enough room up on both the internal and exernal drive, that I am able to move all the games still on the PS4 to the internal drive. So I am going to format it and attach it to on of the Raspberry Pis and turn it into a 2TB NAS drive. The work I am doing on my home network is making it look almost professional. Firewalls, WiFi Mesh network, custom DHCP, in house DNS sever to both fillter out ads/malware sites and get updates from the DHCP server so I can connect to local boxes via a name and not just an IP address. Now I will have a nice little NAS (2TB) setup to go with all of this. Some of this is just repurposeing older hardware.

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