Why the US wants to ban vaping and the UK is encouraging it, follow the money

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Published on: February 8, 2021

Ever wonder why the US (well the dummyrats) want to ban vaping while the UK is encouraging smokers to switch to vaping. Well lets look at some facts.
1) The UK has nationalized health care (while I am not a fan of nationalized health care this is important to why the UK is doing what it is doing) So for smoking related illness the UK government has to pay for it. This costs them, I am not saying the UK cares about their people I am saying it costs them less if they can get smokers to vape instead of smoking.
2) The US does not have nationalized health care, so the government does not have to pay for smoking related illness.
3) The Federal government and about 48 states get money directly from the cigarette companies based on their profits. So if people switch away from tabacco to vaping, then the US government and state governments get less money.

So the US it costs them nothing when someone gets a smoking related illness and they loss money when people quit smoking for vaping.

So that why the US and US states want to ban vaping, as it costs them nothing when people get ill from cigarettes, but they make money when people buy cigarettes. While in the UK it costs them when people get sick from cigarettes. The issue is not about “kids vaping” as the dummyrats claim but about money, more money in the government pockets.

Sadly the republics are not clean in this area either but they are not as vocal, and there are some republicans that are not for banning vaping. I think Ted Cruz is vape friendly.

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