Why banning vaping product mailing will fail at the stated goal

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Published on: February 6, 2021

The dummyrats in DC think that banning business from mailing vaping products will “prevent teens” from getting vaping products. But they are foolish if they think that, it will just make it easier for teens to get them. Here is the reason. First UPS and FedEX NEVER will ask for signature, I have on UPS that they have to get my signature for delivery because back in 2019 I kept having things stolen before delivery out of my shipments, and I have never once had them ask for my signature. They just leave it at the front door where any kid can just take it, so if I order vaping supply and it shipped via UPS or FedEX any kid in the condo building could take it. Now lets look at the USPS, first when something does require a signature the postman does get my signature, and then my mail box has a lock on it, as do many apartment/condo building mail boxes, when I lived in a town home years ago they also had locked mail boxes. Usually places where there are many people in close living areas, there are locked mail boxes, which would prevent a teen from stealing small delivery (and yes I can get 5 bottles of vape juice delivered inside of my small locked mail box) But UPS and FedEx just dumps it in 1 of 3 places, if I am lucky in front of my door, sometimes they just dump it in front of the mail boxes, but more likely in front of another persons door (this person is good about getting my packages to me, so no problem for me, but imagine if there was an underage kid living there.Free vape stuff)

So making it so that you can not send vape products via the USPS is going to make it so easy for children to get vape products, just find where a vaper lives and steal small packages from their door steps. Yes and a kid that would break the law to vape would also break the law to get vape products.

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