So far, the Eero WiFi access points have been working out good.

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Published on: February 23, 2021

So I setup the Eero WiFi access points in my home about a week ago. And so far, they have been something you can forget about. Plus as noted in a prior post it nice that they do self healing on the network, so if a Ethernet connection go down between them and the rest of the network they will reroute the traffic over the WiFi network (still not as fast as Ethernet, but still it will keep the connection going) I did have a bit of an issue with 2 of them going off line today, but the WiFi stayed up since the 3rd on was still active. I did figure out why they went down, and it is a stupid reason. But at lest they let me know there was a real issue. I was messing around with my DHCP sever, and I typed in a bad character in a config file so it did not restart like it should have, fixed that and they came back up shortly. Stupid on my part, but the Eero seem to be earning their keep.

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