Next network project for my network.

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Published on: February 16, 2021

Now that I have the Raspberry Pi serving as a DNS server, one as a DHCP and VPN server. And I have the WiFi mesh network setup. Next step is I want to setup a hardware firewall (or maybe a computer to server as a firewall) between my home network and the Verizon Modem. I want to do as much decoupling of my network from the Verizon Modem as I can. I would like to make it that if they replace the modem again in the future, all I have to do is plug it in, set the Firewall as the DMZ and have my network not even know that there was a change.
Last time they changed out my modem, it was a pain to setup, the setting as how I wanted the network, this is why I started to move things off of the modem. First I have my IP range I use and I had to set that up in the new modem system. Next I have some ports I forward to the internal area of my network so I can access my VPN and my main computer from outside the network. Then there is the WiFi name and password that I had to set, then I had to go around to all my WiFi devices and reattach them to my home network as the MAC address of the access point changed.
So by moving everything off of the modem, in the future I don’t have to worry about all these happening at the same time, and in the middle of the day on a work day. All the work I done for the updates to my home network have been on the weekend when it did not matter, but when Verizon replaced my modem, it was during lunch on a work day, so I had a rush to get just enough setup for my network to get my work laptop back online to finish my work day. Then fix up the network setup after work. All this work will make it so the modem is “hot swapable” in the future.

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