Next move in my home network updates

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Published on: February 10, 2021

As I have been talking about in prior posts, I am moving things off of the router supplied by Verizon. I have moved the DHCP server off of it, I have moved the DNS caching server off of it, and am using a Pi-Hole DNS server, for add blocking and malware blocking at the DNS level. The next step is to move the wifi access point off of the server. For this I am looking at setting up a wifi mesh network. So I bough a couple of mesh access points. The are suppose to get here today. After work I will work on setting them up, one in the computer room, and the other in the living room (some day if I feel the need I might add a third in the bedroom)

Now all the router from Verizon will do is route traffic from my internal network to the external network, All the cables plugged into it will be just 1 Ethernet to the eternal network to a Gigabit switch, that one will have go to the four zones of networking in my home. Not worried about that one cable being a bottle neck as it can handle 1Gbit, and my connection to the internet is 1Gbit so if I could saturate my connection to the external internet the cable from the router to my first switch can fully handle it. The second wire will be from the WAN port of the router to the Verizon terminal Node, the power, and finally the coax for the cable TV set top boxes. And all it will do is route traffic, the home network settings will no longer be on the router. So if I have to replace it (like Verizon made me do when I went from 100Mbits to 1Gbit) there will not be a rush by me to get the network settings in to the new router and dealing with down time. A new router all I will have to do is go in turn off the DHCP and WiFi, and then plug it into my network via the 1 network cable and things will continue on like normal.

This is the mesh network I am looking at to setup my home mesh network.

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