Got a new WiFi mesh system to try.

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Published on: February 14, 2021

Well I returned the Deco, as that was a waste of my time, I am glad I got my money back, as it would have been a waste of my money. So I picked up a Eero to try out, there are a few kinks in the system still, but it is looking more promising. There are some oddities it is causing with my DHCP server, some devices are not getting the response from my DHCP server, others are. So I am going to work on it a bit more, but they are working as only a bridge and that is what I want from them, I don’t want a “smart” access point, I just want it to work as a “dumb” bridge, and I think I am getting that. And that they actually setup the first time is a big plus. I will post how it is working in a few days.

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