A early review on the Eero Wifi Mesh network devices I got

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Published on: February 21, 2021

Well Yesterday, I found out what one of the features of the Eero Wifi Mesh network really meant. It says it is a “self healing” network device. I just thought it meant would work to keep the Wifi going if one went down. But wow I was wrong on what it really. What it looks like it meant is if a connection is broken it will use the mesh network to reconnect so the data can still flow. Case in point the Ethernet cable to my living room got disconnected. And for an unknown amount of time I did not know this, not for lack of using devices in the living room, no I had my PS5 plugged into the Ethernet, it should have lost signal to the router and had no internet connection, but it did not. Apparently the Eero noticed the lost of the Eithernet connection and rerouted all the traffic though it via the Wifi, so will there was no cable connecting the PS5 to the rest of the network, it was still connected via the Eero Wifi.

I see this as mostly good, but can have some bad. Good in that I don’t have to worry about the network going down if something disconnects the cables, the speed will just drop from 1Gbit to about 300Mbit connection, but the data will still flow. The problem that can arise is if I don’t notice that the Ethernet is disconnected. I only found out the cable was disconnected Yesterday when I looked into app to manage it (to grab the MAC address of the devices for documentation of how my network is setup) and saw that the living room Eero was labeled as connected via WiFi and not Ethernet.

It does use an app, so I wish maybe the app when a disconnect like this happens should give a notification that the mesh network is switching the traffic over from wired to wireless, so that I can know that there is an issue, I can then decided to take care of it when I want to. But still a very nice feature to have.

So far I am happy with the Eero mesh network setup.

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