New console pre-orders

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Published on: September 22, 2020

The new PS5 is coming out. And this is the first time I very tried to pre-ordered a game console. I see many content creates complaining that they did not get first dibs on the new consoles. For that I am thankful as it means us no bodies had a chance to get one. I will say I did get a PS5 pre-order on Amazon. This is the first time I ever tried and I got it. A nobody. I am glad that Sony did not favor famous people. Also am glad it was not pre-announced as it means the people with bots could not grab them all up before real people can have a chance to get o e.

What I am saying is while the content creates on YouTube are upset it worked out for us nobodies.

people with bots are all upset about it but it was a good thing that Sony (as these upset people say) messed up and “screwed” them.over. I am happy as average everyday nobodies (like me) were able to have a chance to score one. And I did score one. Come Nov i will be able to enjoy Sacboy and ASTRO bot.

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