Got “South Park The Fractured but Whole”

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Published on: October 20, 2017

On Thursday night I picked up the new South Park game “South Park The Fractured but Whole”. I will say I was surprised at what I got in it. Not only did I get what I was expecting, but I also go “South Park The Stick of Truth” Well since I have not played the first game and I got it I thought I would give it a try first. Well I have to say I do like it. it going to be a bit of time before I start The Fractured but Whole. I will warn you, there is a reason it has the M rating on it. But it is funny as all get out, it is true South Park humor. Also it is nice to play a “old style” turn based “RPG” game again, have not done one of those as a video game in a while. True I do it 2 times a week, nomaly, my Pathfinder Games on Thursday Nights, and the D&D, 5e, that I do on Saturday, so I still get my turn based RPG on 2 times a week, but nice to see it in a video game still

I am now left with a question, I did preorder the new Mario game for my switch, maybe it will be the game that finally gets me to play the switch, but since I tend to do one game at a time and finish them before I go to the next (and I will probably finish, The stick of Truth, go back to the HZD DLC coming out next month, then go back to the Fractured but Whole), it will be a long time before I will even consider the Mario game. Now I have a couple of days left to think about, do I keep the Mario preorder, or just cancel it, as I probably will not get to the Mario game till some time in 2018 (yes I am a noob gamer, and have limited free time for video games, so it takes me longer to play a video game then most), and by that time it will either come down in price, or I could buy it used.

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