Got a new game console recently and it was not a switch..

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Published on: June 8, 2017

I thought about a switch for 2 months, I been wanting a new game console for about a year and a half, my last game console was the game cube, I had played Rock Band at a friends house and that made me think about a new game console. The switch came out and I got excited about getting a console and thought this was the time.
But after 2 months of not being able to get a switch I asked myself “Why do I want a switch?” As above I wanted the game rock band, a google search told me not to hold my breath as it probably will not be on the switch (admittedly this is just people guessing and not official word), ok what other reasons, well I wanted to play with my friends online, so I asked my friends what consoles they had, here are what I got back
1 with the switch, and one an extremely soft maybe, maybe next year if …… (so many ifs that basicly it is a no)
2 on the Xbox (for me to consider an MS product is kind of funny to me as I am usually anti-MS, but I did consider it)
5 on the PS4

Then I thought about the selection of games, on the switch there is only one (zelda) not a big mario fan nor did I like mario cart in the past, so for the next year there is 1 game I might want, and that there are some 3rd party developers saying they will not dev for the switch… just means over time there will not be as many games.

So due to more friends having the PS4, more choices of games, and most (all except 1) not being on the switch, the answers to the questions I asked myself lead me to no it not the switch I wanted, it was the PS4.

That was my thinking at the time when I got the PS4, and from things I seen and heard since then makes me think I made the right decision, over the easter break I went up to my sisters place, she has a switch, I picked it up and looked at it, and wow the buttons are way to small, I have small hands and I don’t see how I could not hit 2 buttons at a time all the time, I am just wondering with some one with normal size or even large hands would be able to use it. From what my 1 friend that has the switch and talked about how zelda plays, no thank you, your weapons break, and you need more then one of the same weapon (he had to use 3 bows) for a boss fight, wtf?

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