I guess Google is working hard to kill Google Home even before it comes out.

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Published on: October 2, 2016

Google Says if you support Amazon Echo you will not be allowed to work with Google Home I saw this article today. Given that Amazon Echo is already out (I have it, and love it) Given that most smart home devices already integrate with Amazon Echo, looks like Google is trying hard to kill Google Home before it even comes out. Things that work with Amazon Echo, Hue Light bulbs, Honeywell and Echo bee thermostats, Uber, Domino’s, Nest (????). I wonder if google will take Nest off of Echo or will they ban it from Google Home??
Also given Google bricks devices one can not be confident that Google will not do this to Google Home. I know after I read how google bricked Revolv, I reconsidered getting a nest smoke alarm, I just got a new battery for the old one I had. Google does have a long history of abandoning projects, and they have bricked one device people had that they decided to abandon.
I use to be a Google Fan boy, but over the last year I have kind of changed that (My hate of the new Android Studio being the start of the lost love) Reading about how they are breaking devices, and now they are trying to pull an Apple or mid-90’s Microsoft. Maybe it is time for me to check out Bing as a search engine (Microsoft is not what it once was) I wonder what ever happened to the old google motto “Do no Evil”
I know I would not risk the money on a Google home as it would not support the devices I already have, and I wonder why anyone would, also considering I already have (an older) Android Watch which is basicly the same “Ok Google” technology (and it has already proven to be weaker than the Amazon Echo”(I should post a review of the Echo some time on the Blog)

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