How Far we have come

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Published on: April 14, 2016

I can transfer a nice large set of files (read 5+ Gb) with out batting an eye. I remember back when moving data between 2 computers was done in 1.44Mb batches. My how far we have come. My first install of Linux was done via 5 1.44Mb floppies. It when pretty much DD a floppy while one was in the computer and one was sitting to be the next, then the first one in the computer would be moved back to the computer doing the DDing and be written with the next disk image. Now I do not think much about a simple scp from one computer to another knowing I am going to move 5Gbs with 1 simple command.
Thinking of all the computing power I have, I am amazed at it compared to my first ever computer (an IBM XT) sure my current computers are not the top of the line, my main desktop is from 2009 (and it does very well still, thank you very much, holding off on a new computer becuase I don’t want to deal with MS boot, I want a computer that still has a BIOS so I can put what ever I want on it, with out haveing to have MS sign off on it.) but I also have 3 Raspberry Pi’s.
Thinking also how far we have come, I have a watch that I wear most days, all I use it for is to check the time, and maybe take a look at a notification for my phone, but I also know this watch has more power then they landed on the moon with, and here all I do with it is check the time.

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