How Apple lost today

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Published on: March 28, 2016

With the news that the FBI did not need Apple’s help on getting the data from the terrorists iPhone, apple lost big today. How you might ask. Well if Apple did help with a valid warrant for the phone, they could have retained the software with out giving it over to the FBI (the warrant did say they could do that) and Apple could have still claimed that their encryption was unbreakable by even the US government. But now with the news that the FBI was able to defeat the protection that Apple put in place, it says that the FBI can get into any iPhone they want with iOS 9 or below (and possible future ones) Apple can not claim the best security as if the FBI can do it any government (or nefarious individual) should be able to figure it out to, which means encryption on the iPhone is worthless.

While this has always been true that the security system is defeatable on the iPhone (and any other phone) it just means with this high profile case, the general public has been made aware of this, and that is probably something Apple did not want people to know about.

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