Older Geeks/Nerds vs Younger Geeks/Nerds

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Published on: July 28, 2014

All my life I have hung out with the Younger Geek/Nerd set (18 to 35), and all of that time I have had one glaring problem with them. Their level of hate to any one who is a Christian. With them not always a good idea to even let is slip that you might be inclined to believe in God. One learns to deal with it, but there is always that nagging that if they found out you are a Christian you will be rejected by the group. I have had one tell me I should not be allowed to work as a computer programmer because I reject evolution.

As of late (about a year now) I am starting to deal with the Older Geek/Nerd set (tend to be 40+). And one glaring difference I have noticed. They are not as judgmental of people of Faith. In fact the last Sci-Fi con I was at I found out that they were having a real Christian service very early in the morning so the Christians can have church and not miss any of the Con, While I did not make use of it myself (I wanted to go to my old home church and see my old friends there as I was back in Pittsburgh for the con) But the fact that they would even consider the Christians and make a accommodation for us. I feel I can leave my guard down when I go to these cons. while they are not all Christian, I would not expect that nor would I want to force that. they accept us as one of them, I feel welcome, welcome so that I don’t have to fear that it might leak about my faith, and I can have more brain power set to having fun with them.

I was talking to one of my new friends (very nice lady) and she pointed out that I am no longer a Younger person I am 37, and maybe it time to move up to the older more mature Geeks/Nerds. Mind you the word used is mature not grown up. Mature as in more accepting those of different backgrounds.

To those of you that find yourself as one of the younger geek/nerd crowd, please please look at the older geeks, see how they interact socially with one and another. You don’t have to agree with what some one says or does or believe but please they are still human and deserve some level of respect. With the younger set I feel as an out cast even though they don’t know my religious and spiritual believes.

To those of you that find yourself as one of the older geek/nerd crowd, please please don’t change, I feel I have found a home for my geek side, I might be annoying some times, just tell me and I will pull back, I feel comfortable with you guys.

All of us have something we can learn from one and another, and the only way for that to happen is if we become humble look at the old geek/nerd crowd and try to emulate them a bit more. And this I think would make the geek/nerd world so much better.

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