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Published on: January 15, 2014

From time to time it happens, I will site down to the computer, and for a moment, I will feel the love I first felt in 97 when I first installed Linux on my first computer.  Fort tonight that was working on my private cloud server (Linux based) after that, I started pocking around a service called (basically it is a Unix server out there that they give you access for free)

So tonight started with me doing some securing of my home computer, my laptop computer, and my cloud server. Setting them all up with ssh to reject any password logins and only accept shared key logins (RSA encryption) after doing that I headed over the the site made an account there and added my public key on their system so I can login via encryption there too. I always forget how fun Unix/Linux is. I am sure many of my readers will not even understand the love for a command line access to a computer, but the power is nice. And on the system they have a system wide chat system called com, now that is worth the free cost to get in just to chat there.

Next things on my Tech diet is to do an update to the Issues Etc app for Android, so it can list prior shows and let the user select them and listen to them)

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