The problem with HTC phones as an android developer.

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Published on: November 24, 2012

Question, I need advice from any other android programmers. I am getting reports from HTC users that they get no audio. I can not get audio out of it. I did some research and found that many audio apps on the google play store get negative reviews from HTC users because they get no audio from the app (not just mine) more research found that HTC does not include all the needed codecs. So has any other android app programmers found a work around to the HTC problem? As for now I have decied I can not spend to much more time on it (thanks to Dan Berquest for the advice there)

Also if it not fixable for HTC (this is what I have done now to save the app from any more negative reviews from HTC users) I have listed all HTC devices as not supported so google play will not let HTC users download the app (so they can not leave a review)

any advice from any other android program would be great on the audio issue. And thoughts on the second part.

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