Cleaning up a lot of my social network sites

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Published on: August 10, 2012

Well I have started to clean up my LinkedIn account might take a few days, deleted a bunch of “contacts” in there, last night I cleaned up my Delicious account. Going to try go get all the social network stuff I have going organized correctly. Also I am not going to be one of those that posts the same thing accross all the networks, each Network will have it own stuff, taking into account who I will let have access to it.

FaceBook — only Friends and Family (the most personal stuff, with limits will get there)
Google+ — Mixed bag, what I post will be limited to circles based on the content of the post.
LinkedIn — Professional stuff
Delicious — Mixed any one can see but just book marks
This Blog — Longer (some time rambling) thoughts that any one can see
Twitter — quick short (sometimes poor attempts at humor) posts that any one can see.

All the time keeping in mind the Golden Rule of the Internet — NEVER POST ANYTHING YOU WOULD NOT WANT YOUR MOTHER OR BOSS TO SEE (as any one can forward what ever you say on the net to any one else and you can not fully control it)

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