“My body, my choice” really?

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Published on: March 14, 2012

One thing I will not understand about the so called “pro-choicers” (we should call them baby murders, because that is what they are) is they will say that a woman should have the right to do with their body what they want (conveniently forgetting there is a second person’s body being destroyed) But when it comes to other’s bodies with other choices they will try to regulate the heck out of it. Examples

Smoking, they will go on about how they are protecting people from themselves etc and want to force people to stop smoking “evil” tobacco. but what happened to those people’s right to do with their own body what they want.

Seat Belt laws, unlike the above example they can not claim second hand hurt, so if some one does not want to wear a seat belt why force them what about their right to do with their body what they want. (oh for the record you should wear a seat-belt)

Some states have helmet laws (both motorcycles and bicycles) (oh for the record you should always wear a helmet)

What about suicide, and I am not talking about assisted suicide but any one, why can a 20 some perfectly healthy person not end their life if they want to, it their body. (no I am not promoting suicide, if you ever consider it please please please call 911)

How about banning of transfat, if someone wants to eat transfat why should they not be allowed to it is there body

It seems that the liberals mantra of choice about one’s own body seems to fall flat on its face.

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