The future of entertament

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Published on: November 14, 2011

I for one think the days of TV are numbered, why? well let me tell you about tonight. I for once had a chance to site back and relax. I pull out my tablet computer (And android device, but for the sake of this story it could have been any of them Android, Black Bary Play book, iPad, WebOS) from there I had my choice of a game (if I had any on my tablet) surf the web while laying on my couch, post to my blog (which I did) mess around on facebook, or read a book (using the kindle app) Not once did I think about TV. I currently have satellite TV and the contract is up in April, and I am seriously considering just killing the subscription to it when the contract is up, I don’t watch much (max 2 hours a week).

So I ask why have TV if it not being watch, many people are turning to the internet for their news and entertainment. With the news you get it faster and more up to date then having to want till the news comes on, for entertainment it more fun to have interactive stuff going on (for me this would be a computer game) or just mess around with different things, surf the web. And for the more “lazy” stuff, you can always get a book to read. I am beginning to wonder about the value of TV in today world, you have this big box that you have to go to for entertainment, while the internet now travels with you on a smartphone or tablet computer, and is more stimulating then TV.

Maybe my thoughts are colored by the fact that growing up for 5 years my mother decided she did not want to have TV in the house so growing up there was no TV for me, so TV does not have the hypnotic lock on me that it might have for others. Can any one think of a good reason to have a TV.

For those that are looking for the “background noise” as some call it, there are great podcast and internet broadcasts that go out that can supply that, and when you are at home just have the smart phone/tablet connect to your home WiFi (so you don’t use up the data on your data plan) and have the smartphone pump the “noise” out for you. Uses a lot less electricity then a TV. Plus the smartphone/tablet makes your entertainment more portable, and on demand.

Sorry TV your days are numbered.

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