phone number 1-800-000-0611

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Published on: March 14, 2011

Just got a call from this number, when I answered the red flags went off so fast it was not funny. Claimed to be from Sprint Accounts, claiming my account (which I don’t have one) was flagged and to enter my security pin. Well I hung up. At that point I called my Cell phone company (T-Mobile) to report it. They also advised me I should call Sprint to report it there, just in case some one did get a hold of my old account (my phone number is still the same from when I had sprint, thanks number portability) Good news is that nothing wrong there, and that they were starting to get reports of this scam, and that they were trying to let their customers know.

I post this here so just to spread the word as I have friends that use sprint and just want to get the word out.

More info on this scam can be found at

It is probably best if you get a call from 800 000 0611 that you don’t even answer it.

  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for posting this. I just got a call on my Verizon cell phone. I almost started laughing and was going to put in a fake PIN just to see if I could get a live person on the line to berate, but the line was disconnected.

  2. Connie Browning says:

    The following number came though on my Sprint Caller ID: 800-000-0611. I did not answer the incoming call, and they did not leave a message. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!

    Any ideas on how they are getting Sprint’s numbers?

  3. G. Anthony Dean says:

    I missed a call from this # at 6 a.m. on 3-28-11. I was out of the room and missed the call. I’m debt free and have signed up to be blocked from call centers so I routinely will not answer these call. No message was left. Hopefully my EMAIL will not be violated with this reply.

  4. Chris says:

    Just got a call from this number now. Complete scam.

  5. Jeff Colletti says:

    I got a call from this numer 1-800-000-0611 at 5:01am, I just hit mute called it back this morning and it was disconnected, basically a false number to call back

  6. ANON-TXN says:

    I got a call from “something” using this number as the Caller-ID… I did not answer it and they never left any message on Voicemail either… Posted a message at also.

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