Getting Linux up and running on my quad core

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Published on: September 11, 2010

Well I am finnaly getting my quad core box setup for Linux. I originaly got this box back in Oct to play world of warcraft on, but since I quit playing (about 2 and a half months ago) the power of this box is being wasted, so I am moving it over to linux. I put an older 250Gb drive in it to do the linux partition on. Right now as I type this I am running a Linux Utillity called NTFSRESIZE to make the vista partion smaller, so that I can move it over to a VM ware box and run it under there. Then I will claim more of the main 1Tb drive for Linux, but still keep windows for the 2 programs I would like to continue to run on it, I got a lot of work to do, as also I want to move some of the data off of the windows system to the Linux system (then I will be able to make the NTFS system even smaller to just be big enouph for what is needed +/- a few GBs for space that might be needed.

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