What a day

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Published on: August 29, 2010

Today I was a bit busy.  After church I did not get home till late since they were doing construction on 66 (I have to go up to Alexandria for church as there are, to my knowledge any good confessional/liturgical churches in SoMD)  So I decided on the way home to stop for some food (after that drive, DC belt way, for those of you that know, even on Sunday afternoon it is backed up)  I get home at 2, do some reading/studying on Java (will be taking the SCJP in the next month, or so I plan. just have to pick the day)  After that I start trying to resurrect my Linux box.  It has 2 drives on it, one I really don’t care about as it was just the OS and stuff like that, the other drive I cared about as it is my old /home directory, and would you not know the one drive that has problems is the one I cared about (because of data)  I am still hopeful I can pull my old home dir off of it.  While letting the Linux install do its I played around a bit on ham radio, a few of us down here talked about have a standard simplex freq to work with (if you are ever in SoMD tune to 145.660) and got a call from a friend of mine so we spent some time Rag Chewing a bit.

Also I am making plans on how to get my Quad Core box going as a Linux box with out killing the vista partition, I have come up with the idea, that I have a spare sata drive that I am not using, 250Gb is more then Linux really needs I can keep the 1Tb drive windows, boot into linux, get VMPlayer and boot windows under Linux.  While letting the Linux install do its

Still wondered how I found any time to get a bit of tin whistle playing in today, but I did.

But that is for another day as I am going to hit the hay now as I am totally spent on energy.

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