Well I will be ditching comcast

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Published on: April 12, 2010

As I type this post I am on hold with verizon, I am going to dump comcast and get DSL. Why am I dumping comcast, well I am tired of horrible connectivity to no connectivity. it is every day from 6pm to 8pm. I finally had it today when I called in for the second time today about the outage. Guys solution was to send another guy out to try to fix it, at that point I said don’t bother I am calling another ISP and hung up. I am getting tired of it. Some of my friends on line call comcast comcrap and I can see why.

  1. ComcastMark says:

    I am sorry for the frustrations we caused. If there is anything I can do to change your mind, please let me know.

    I would also like to notify my regional contact regarding your experience. If you don?t mind, will you please let me know the phone number on the account? This will help us gather more information on the problem and prevent any recurrence in the future.

    Best regards,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. You can notify your regional contact about it. But to your question “If there is anything I can do to change your mind” no I don’t think there is anything you can do to change my mind, this has been an on going problem, along with the problems I had in Oct and Jan, and this current problem has been going on since March 17.

    What really got me was that when I called in the second time yesterday, it was the same old script that I had heard many times from many other techs, and it seams the only option is to take a day off of work to be home for a tech to come out, and the tech can not fix the problem.

    As to giving you my number I would rather not to but I can tell you it is a 412 area code, registered to a Charlies County (SoMD) account, don’t know if you can find the info you need that way but I just do not give out my phone number on the internet.

  3. Yet another day and yet another day I loss internet connection this time from 6:30pm to 7:00pm, this is why I will be dropping comcast, I can not depend on my internet being up between 6pm and 8pm, heck I can depend on it failling.

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